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Hey! I’m Elise, the gal behind Hourglass Physique.

I know what it’s like to obsess over calories, jump on the latest diet fad, be a slave to the scale every single morning, regain weight after working so hard to lose it, and use exercise as punishment for simply just eating and enjoying life!

Like many women, I had been doing these things since I was a tween.

Today, there’s more pressure than ever to look a certain way.

Back when I was much younger, I just wanted to be slimmer, but now it’s all about the big boobs, big butt, and tiny waist.

The classic feminine shape — the hourglass — is being taken to the extreme with waist trainers, “fit” teas, butt injections, breast implants, plastic surgery, and of course Photoshop.

Hourglass Figure Envy

I don’t blame any woman for wanting more of an hourglass figure.

The female hourglass figure is a gift from nature.

But I know — not every woman is born with that classic shape, and you can’t exactly change your genes.

In addition to that, modern lifestyle habits make it harder than ever to achieve and maintain such a naturally beautiful physique.

I, myself, am a pear-shaped woman, and my metabolic type is that of an endomorph.

This means that I I’m naturally beefier, and that I store most of my fat in my hips, butt, and thighs.

My Story

For years, I yo-yo dieted by massively restricting calories and exercising my butt off.

The result?

I always got smaller, but that was it.

I didn’t look curvier or healthier at all.

In fact, my breasts looked almost non-existent while my butt and thighs continued to hold onto stubborn fat.

At one point, I was drinking so much coffee and exercising so much, I lost my period and completely messed up my metabolism.

My Lowest Point

I’ll never forget what it felt like to have wrecked my hunger hormones.

During this low point in my weight loss journey, I had lost a lot of weight, but I was suddenly suffering from uncontrollable cravings.

They were so strong that I couldn’t help but binge on the fattiest, carb-loaded foods I could find.

My hunger hormones were so messed up that my brain couldn’t get the message that my stomach was physically full of food.

My brain thought I was starving.

In just a few short months, I gained all of my weight back.

The Massive Shift That I Needed to Make

Eating less and exercising more was simply a recipe for disaster.

It took a lot for me to figure out that sustainable fat loss and body recomposition depended on balanced hormones and a healthy metabolism as much as it did on calorie deficits and working out.

I had to reeducate myself and reconfigure my entire mindset about weight loss.

I had to stop focusing on wanting to change (by running away from myself) and instead start focusing on wanting to improve (by embracing myself).

Today, I can enjoy cake and bread and all those other forbidden foods on a regular basis without gaining weight.

And I’m not even in my 20s anymore.

Although I’m naturally pear-shaped, I’ve worked out smartly to build my upper body so it looks slightly broader and fuller.

My waist-to-hip ratio has never been better — a healthy 0.7.

I’m not exactly “slim” thanks to my endomorph genes, but I’m okay with that.

I’m healthy and I’m proud of my natural curves.


I owe it all to educating myself on the real science of female hormonal health and body sculpting.

There’s so much garbage out there in the weight loss and fitness industry, and most of it preys on our desire for a quick fix solution.

Unfortunately, no gimmicky detox or waist trainer is going to get you healthy, sustainable results.

Luckily, you don’t have to give up the foods you love or spend huge chunks of your time in the gym, either.

You don’t even have to be naturally hourglass-shaped.

You Can Do This Too

Trust me, if you’re a woman, you can enhance your curves.

Even if you carry more fat in your midsection or have a long and lanky body type, you can still harness the power of your female sex hormones and combine it with smart strength training (plus proper rest and relaxation) to get more of those hourlgass-like curves.

It just takes more than burning calories to get them.

Your journey will be personal and unique to you, but I can help you sift through all the useless, irrelevant, and even false information out there.

No, I’m not health professional or a fitness trainer, but I’ve done a lot of research over the years for myself, I’ve failed a lot, and I’ve learned what works for me.

My Goal Is to Help You Do This Realistically

If the perfect hourglass figure could be achieved by focusing on calories in versus calories out, then we’d all have perfect hourglass figures.

Obviously, it’s not quite that simple — especially if you have a busy lifestyle and want to avoid gaining all your weight back.

I have personal experience on what it takes to do this the right way, and I’m here to share it all on the Hourglass Physique blog.

If I can help just one woman adopt healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits that also help her look and feel sexier and more feminine, then I’d be happy.

The first step is to sign up for my free series of 10 secrets to getting the sexy, curvy hourglass figure you’ve always wanted, by scrolling down the page and clicking the big pink button below.

After you do, I’ll see you on the other side of the sign-up form!

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Hourglass Physique

Sign Up for This Incredibly Valuable 10-Day Nutrition & Fitness Course!


Learn how to burn fat and tone your body to get sexy hourglass curves.

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