At Hourglass Physique, we believe that every body has beauty unique to them.

Our goal is to help every individual enhance their own natural beauty through healthy lifestyle habits and positive body image. We strive to create a safe space for all people of sizes and shapes to access tools that will assist them in feeling comfortable in their physical selves while embracing it as the truly beautiful thing it is.

Different shapes and sizes of female bodies.

So, what’s our inspiration? Great question! The answer dates back to ancient Greece.

The Venus di Milo, a famous Hellenistic sculpture depicting a partially clothed woman, has played a significant role in shaping modern beauty standards. Despite the statue’s missing arms, its portrayal of a curvaceous and hourglass-shaped woman has been idolized throughout the centuries. She has inspired countless artists, fashion designers, and beauty icons, and continues to be an influential symbol of feminine beauty today.

Venus di Milo

However, while the Venus di Milo’s body shape has been romanticized, it has also contributed to harmful beauty ideals and body standards. The pressure to conform to a certain body type can lead to body dissatisfaction, disordered eating habits, and other negative consequences. We recognize and celebrate the diversity of body types and work to ensure ensure that everyone feels valued and accepted, no matter their size or shape.

Our mission statement is simple: “Love yourself, no matter your shape or size,” and our vision is one that involves empowerment. We’re dedicated to helping you feel confident, embrace what makes you special, practice self-love, and live with authenticity from the inside out.